Good Afternoon from New Zealand

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We had our first frost this morning, not a particularly heavy one, but it’s a reminder that winter is only a matter of weeks away. It’s a little after 3pm, and already I can feel the chill in the air so we are likely to have another heavier frost in the morning.

Mt Ruapehu

crater lake temperature has peaked at 41°C in the last 12 days following weeks of temperatures around 36°C to 38°C, but experts are predicting only minor eruptive activity from the volcano in the near future.

Coq au Vin for dinner tonight. It’s been simmering away in the crockpot all day and the house smells delicious!

I’m going to put my good morning from New Zealand post on hold for the immediate future. I have found myself back at work – don’t ask how that happened! – and regrettably I just don’t have the time. Hopefully it’s a temporary thing as I was really enjoying my retirement. I will still be posting my book reviews.

Have a wonderful day.


Good morning from New Zealand

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It’s so foggy this morning I can barely see my hand in front of my face. And there hasn’t been a drop of that rain that was forecast. I was planning a trip to the supermarket this morning, but will put that off until the fog lifts as I have to cross two major roads to get there and there are an awful lot of people who don’t use their fog lights so you can’t see them coming – especially when their vehicles are silver or gray.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. Dustin and Luke came for the afternoon. Luke had drawn me a picture and made me a card which will be going in my treasure box. We picked up feijoas from the ground, and picked the first of the ripe mandarins from the tree. Luke portions them out, bags them and sells them at the gate for Lego money. Quite enterprising for an only just five year old!

I hadn’t put away my tennis racquet and balls from my bash around earlier in the morning, so I had to show him what I do – hit the ball against the basement wall – and then of course he wanted a go. He has excellent eye ball coordination and even managed a few return shots. He’s also started soccer on Saturday mornings and is loving that. We also spent some time curled up in the reading chair reading some very old and battered books from Dustin and Kyle’s childhood.

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon topped off with a roast lamb dinner and a glass of my favourite French red wine, a 2015 Castlemère Aude.

As I have been writing this, the fog has lifted enough that I can see to the bottom of our street, and a light rain is falling. My garden is going to love this!

To all the other Mums out there, I hope you had/have a wonderful mother’s day filled with love and laughter.

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By the way, my roses are also confused about the seasons and are a mass of buds and bursting into bloom again!

Good Morning from New Zealand

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It’s only just morning! I have been to work this morning to sort out a few problems. My lovely husband cooked me brunch when I got home which we ate out on the deck under a very reluctant sun, which has now totally disappeared.

It’s Mother’s Day here ‘down under’. Dustin and Luke are due to arrive soon, so I imagine we will have a very active afternoon. Will has messaged me and is going to call when he finishes work, as will Kyle no doubt.

I got up at 4am to watch the meteor shower but it was misty and I couldn’t see anything. I went back to bed to read, intending to get up and check again at 5am, but fell asleep and didn’t wake until daylight. I’ll try again next year.

Good afternoon from New Zealand

We’ve been for a trip around the shores Lake Taupo today. It was a magnificent day, although the winery cafe we were going to lunch at in Kuratau was closed. I checked the website this morning before we left, and it said they were open. Two and bit hours later we’re in front of the cafe and a sign says ‘CLOSED FROM 2 MAY THROUGH 11 MAY’. Update your website people! You will be hearing from me.

Anyway we drove on another 20km to Turangi, which is a very pretty town, and had beautiful burgers and a nice cold beer at Turangi Tavern. We came home through Taumuranui which is a beautiful drive.

The mountains were beautiful and clear this morning. Mt Ruapehu was behaving itself, but there’s no sign of snow which doesn’t bode well for the ski season which usually opens in June. Coming home this afternoon there was steam billowing from Ruapehu again.

Hope you’re all enjoying your day. We’re settled in at home for the rest of evening in front of the fire. Peter’s watching the NRL out of Australia, I’m going to post a review then read. I don’t think either of us feels like dinner tonight. If we do, it will just be soup or sandwiches.

I’m planning on getting up before daylight in the morning to watch the Eta Aquariid meteor shower light up the sky. Fingers crossed the sky stays clear and doesn’t cloud over during the night.

Good morning from New Zealand

Good morning from the shaky isles!

200km to the south-east of our town is Mt Ruapehu, an active volcano that likes to flex its muscles every so often just to remind us it’s there. It’s currently in a level of elevated volcanic unrest, and the temperature of the crater lake has risen by 2°C to 39° over the past few days. Although it has been as high as 45° in the past, it normally sits around 20° .

According to vulcanologists, “The volcano is more active than it was. In particular, the temperature is rising. We’ve been seeing volcanic earthquake activity in the style of volcanic tremor. That tremor has been relatively strong compared to what we have seen the last four or five years. The “sustained nature of the volcanic unrest now differs from those typically seen during the start of a heating phase”, and the tremors and increased gas output “are now more indicative of processes being driven by molten rock (magma) interacting with the geothermal system at depth in the volcano”. Which, in a nutshell means that there is a heightened risk of eruption and yesterday a 2km exclusion zone was put in place surrounding the crater lake.

Mt Ruapehu last errupted in 2007.

Although there have been some of the strongest tremors in twenty years, I haven’t felt any of them. Watch this space for more news.

We’re looking at another fine, sunny day today with a high of 22°c and an overnight low of 7° I certainly felt the heat when I was gardening yesterday afternoon. I replaced a couple of plants that I lost during the summer, planted crocus bulbs, and repotted a few houseplants. Today I am working so must crack on so that I’m not late. I’m afraid that I have quite gotten out of the habit of rushing in the morning. There’s no leisurely breakfast on the deck in the sun with my nose in a book today!

Pork steaks and salad for dinner tonight.

Enjoy your day

Good morning from New Zealand

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Sorry I missed my post yesterday. I had left to drive to the city before it was light and had a busy day there with a couple of appointments and a list of things to do as long as my arm, the majority of which remain undone.

We left daylight saving time early April, and I honestly couldn’t remember how to change the time on the clock in the car, which was showing the time to be an hour later than it actually was. This hasn’t been a problem until yesterday. I had finished my appointments, crossed the most important ‘to do’ from my list when I got a phone call from work. Half an hour later when I got off the phone, I looked at the clock and panicked. There were a few things I had to pick up and take to my son’s house, and I was not leaving the city without trawling at least one charity shop for books, besides which, I had a few items to drop off. More on charity shop books later. So I did all that and decided to head for his house as it was close to the time he said he would be home. I thought the traffic was very light considering the time.🤣😂 I pulled into his drive and picked up my phone and caught sight of the real time. 🤦‍♀️ I made good use of the hour I waited by changing the clock to the correct time – it’s really very easy once you know how, but no doubt I will have forgotten again by the time we have to put them forward – and sitting in the sun reading.

Luke is loving school. I expected him to be tired when he got home but he was bouncing with excitement and telling me all about his day the highlight of which was a visit to the school library.

It was me who was tired. I used to really enjoy a day in the city, but now there’s too much traffic, too much noise, too many people and I am glad to leave it behind.

The weather really is amazing and I am enjoying all this extra sun and warmth no end, but it is confusing the hell out of my garden. The daphne is flowering prolifically, and my jonquils are bursting their buds.

There were two chrysalis hatched yesterday, but unfortunately one caterpillar hanging ready to form a chrysalis has died, probably as a result of wasps.

We’re looking at another warm, 22°C, day today. There’s a few smudges of cloud in the sky, and a low of 8°C tonight.

Helen and I are heading off on our walk in a few minutes before it gets too hot to tackle our hill.

Dinner tonight is a cheesy ham and potato bake.

And the books?

A great haul!

Enjoy your day.

Good morning from New Zealand

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Very red skies this morning but it has cleared so that there are just a few whispy white clouds and there is no sign of rain for the foreseeable future. We’re meant to be hitting 21°C today (we actually only got to 19° yesterday) and a low of 8°C overnight.

I had a very lazy day yesterday. Other than laundry and cooking dinner, I did very little. Pete was catching up on his sleep after working 15 and 16 hour days all week and I didn’t want to disturb him. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Luke started school today. He told his mother to drop him at the gate, he knew where to go. She didn’t of course. But he walked into the classroom without a backward glance. His teacher said, ‘He’s a bit of a character, isn’t he.’

Helen, my neighbour, and I are off for our daily walk in a few minutes. My tomatoes are still fruiting like crazy so I am going to make another pot of Tomato Chilli Soup when I get back. No idea what to have for dinner tonight. Any suggestions?

Have a great day. ❤📚

Good morning from New Zealand

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Good morning from New Zealand. Another warm, sunny day with just a few streaks of cloud marring the blue. We’re looking at high of 21°C today dropping 7°C overnight.

There have been no changes on the Butterfly front. And I didn’t get the weeding finished yesterday. Am I the only one who overestimates what can be accomplished in a certain period of time?

I’m planning a lazyish day today, just pottering around, a little laundry, reading, I have a couple of houseplants that need repotting, and I’m roasting chicken for dinner.

Have a wonderful day.

Good Morning from New Zealand

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Our weather today is going to be very similar to yesterday, although it was a couple of degrees cooler this morning and there was a heavy dew which the garden will enjoy. We are still only allowed hand held hoses which is a great improvement on not being allowed to water at all. We’re planning on putting in a tank this winter to catch the rainwater from the roof so I can use that for the garden in the summer.

I got the lawns finished yesterday but didn’t get the weeding done, so once I have hung out the laundry, that will be my next task.

We had another chrysalis hatch yesterday, there are two new chrysalis this morning and one caterpillar hanging ready to form a chrysalis. I am carefully collecting the seed pods from the swan plant to sow next spring so that I will have many more plants and a bigger nursery.

Curried sausages for dinner tonight. They are simmering away in the slow cooker and the whole house is redolent with the spices I use.

Have a wonderful day!

Good morning from New Zealand

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Good morning. It’s a chilly 6°C here this autumn morning, but beautiful clear skies and a predicted high of 20°C. I want to get the lawn mowed today and there’s a few weeds creeping into the garden that I want to remove. We had another chrysalis hatch into a Monarch Butterfly yesterday. There’s another five chrysalis to go and still more caterpillars, eight that I could find yesterday, of various sizes. It’s lovely watching the butterflies flitting around the garden.

I’m making chicken burgers for dinner tonight. What are your plans for the day?