Wandering Wednesday . . .

I had to go to Otorohanga, the next town north of here, today to pick colours for my kitchen. I was a little early for my appointment so I pulled into a small park on the bypass road. I have never stopped there before, I guess because it’s only 15 minutes from home, but it is quite pleasant.

As you can see the trees are starting to change colour.

The park pays homage to one of our swamp birds the Pukeko. It’s an ungainly bird, but quite beautiful in its own way.

There’s a large iron statue in the swamp on the far side of the lake.

These are the real things

Although their beautiful blue doesn’t show up well in these photos.

And this is Lake Huiputea in the park.

Otorohanga is also home to the Kiwi House, which is an excellent outing. I took Kayden there during the school holidays in 2019, and will have to find the photos to share with you.