Watching What I’m Reading…

As the Covid-19 numbers continue to escalate around the world, I am very grateful that we live in virtual isolation here in New Zealand. Even our closest neighbour, Australia, continues to have escalating outbreaks, particularly in Melbourne currently, so I guess that there’s little chance of the borders being opened between here and there any time in the near future. But as the Pacific Islands continue to remain Covid free, I would hope that the borders between us and our island neighbours will soon reopen. I would love a week in the Cook Islands to shake off the midwinter blues. In the meantime, I guess we just carry on and read!

Currently I am reading Grown Ups by Marian Keyes. Although I wasn’t too sure about this to begin with, largely due to the sheer number of characters in this mad family, I am now loving it.


I am listening to All the Ways We Said Goodbye by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White.

Sorry, the cover photo just would not download. I think I had the same problem with my audiobook cover last week, which is just downright weird.

This week I am planning on reading All Our Summers by Holly Chamberlain


It came as no surprise to anyone in Yorktide when glamorous Carol Ascher fled the little Maine town for New York City. While Carol found success as an interior designer, her younger sister, Bonnie, stayed behind, embracing marriage and motherhood. She even agreed to take in Carol’s teenage daughter during a tumultuous patch. Now both their girls are grown and Bonnie, recently widowed, is anticipating the day she’ll retire to Ferndean House, the nineteenth-century family home on the rocky Maine coast.

But forty-five years after leaving Yorktide, Carol suddenly announces that she’s moving back—into Ferndean. Bonnie is indignant. She’s the one who kept the homestead in order and tended to their dying mother. Now Carol expects to simply buy her out? As far as Bonnie is concerned, Ferndean is part of their heritage—not just another of Carol’s improvement projects, to be torn apart and remade according to her whim.

The entire Ascher family is in flux, uncovering secrets that upend their relationships. Carol’s longing to be welcomed home is fueled by a painful truth she’s carried for years. It will take an extraordinary
summer—in a remarkable place—to lead these women back to each other, buoyed by the tides of friendship and forgiveness.

And The Life She Left Behind by Nicole Trope


You tell him everything. The husband you adore, the father of your child, your best friend. He knows, just by looking at your sage-green eyes, when something is wrong. The two of you can communicate with a glance, or a touch of the hand. Except what if you can’t? What if your happy marriage has plastered over one huge lie? A lie you have even started to believe yourself, in order to survive? What if you have a secret, something you have hidden from your beloved husband and your strawberry-scented baby girl, to keep them safe? What if the guilt has kept you up, night after night, for as long as you can remember? What happens when suddenly, after twenty-eight years, that secret refuses to stay buried? What will you do now everyone you love, everything you cherish, is in harm’s way?

I did a little better with my requesting this week, and have received only four new ARCs, but what a mixed bag!

No One Will Hear Your Screams by Thomas O’Callaghan


Still Life by Val Mcdermid


My Mother’s Choice by Ali Mercer


and finally, The Shore House by Heidi Hotstetter


Happy Independence Day to all my American friends. Celebrate safely.


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12 thoughts on “Watching What I’m Reading…”

      1. Unfortunately Carol, they are everywhere. I don’t know if they are in denial about what is happening, or they don’t care, but they just drag the lockdown out longer. 🤷‍♀️ Take care. ❤😍📚☕🍪

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  1. I hope you are enjoying All the Ways We Said Goodbye, I loved that one. Some great choices here, I requested the Val McDermid and Heidi Hotstetter books, but we shall see if I get them. I am listening to Red Sky Over Hawaii and reading Evil Games by Angela Marsons (I hope to read this series this summer). We are doing well with the Corona Virus here in Canada, which is why our border with the US is closed and I have cancelled my trip to Florida for the winter. Stay safe my friend.

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    1. Oh, I don’t blame you Carla. Florida seems to be a bit of a hot spot for the virus. But still it’s sad that you have had to do that. The midwinter blues have really hit me in the last couple of days. I have staff off sick so I haven’t had my days off, the weather is cold and wet, and I just want to crawl into bed and stay there. You stay safe too, Carla. Xo

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  2. I’m in Florida and our numbers are rapidly rising again. People can’t stay home. Or won’t say home and our government doesn’t impose restrictions. So Doug and I stay self isolated I sure am reading more! You live in a lovely area in NZ, just my cuppa tea 🙂

    I’ll dig that old Marion Keyes book out soon and now I think I’d like to read the one you have. Great score from Netgalley!

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    1. I didn’t have any problem staying home when New Zealand was in self isolation, but a lot of people did. Now people who are coming back into the country from wherever they have been living are escaping from quarantine, so no doubt we will see another spike. But currently there’s only Covid in the quarantine centres and no community transmission, so fingers crossed it stays that way. Stay safe Tina.


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