Into the Darkness by Sibel Hodge

Into the Darkness by Sibel Hodge

EXCERPT: My cell is made of rough concrete. No windows anywhere. There’s a wooden door that’s solid. I know, I’ve tried to push it. Tried to shoulder all my weight against it. It won’t move. The air smells of stale sweat and dampness and copper and something. . . something else. In the books I’ve read – the true crimes – many victims said they could smell their own fear. I didn’t believe that was possible. Just thought it was something they said. But it’s true. I can smell my fear. Taste it. Feel it burning inside me, rippling under my skin.


In a hidden basement, eighteen-year-old Toni is held captive and no one can hear her screams. She’s been abducted after investigating unspeakable things in the darkest corners of the Internet.

The Vigilante…

Fearing the worst, Toni’s mother turns to ex-SAS operative Mitchell to help find her missing daughter. And when Mitchell discovers Toni’s fate rests in the hands of pure evil, he races against the clock to find Toni and bring her out alive. But even that might not be enough to save her.

The Detective…

DS Warren Carter is looking forward to a new job and a simpler life. But when he’s called in to investigate the brutal murder of a seemingly normal couple, he becomes entangled in lives that are anything but simple. And as he digs deeper, he uncovers a crime more twisted than he could ever have imagined. (

MY THOUGHTS: Into the Darkness unites the characters from two of Sibel Hodge’s previous books – Mitchell and Maya from ‘Untouchable’, and DS Carter from Duplicity. If you are planning on reading Into the Darkness, I would recommend that you read both other titles first otherwise you will miss out on a lot of background information that will provide you with a fuller picture of these characters.

Hodge was inspired to write Into the Darkness after learning of the ‘horrific real-life investigation into Peter Scully’s red room in the Philippines’. What she has written terrifies me. It raises many questions. How do these people find each other? How do they function so normally in our world and keep their dark selves hidden? How do they get away with what they do? And, worst of all, do I know someone like this? These are the questions you will ask yourself as you read this chilling book.

Into the Darkness starts out pretty innocuously. We have a standard police procedural when an elderly couple are found murdered in their home. Then there is an eighteen-year-old woman reported missing by her mother, which the police are disinclined to take seriously because young women go off with friends/ boyfriends all the time and don’t think to tell their parents that they won’t be home. Right? But some mothers know better. And this one takes finding her daughter into her own hands.

It takes some time (3/4 of the book) for the connection between these two cases to be revealed, but when I made the connection it was an OMG! moment, and maximum warp speed as I frantically turned pages.

Now that it’s all over (it is 3.30 a.m), I need to go to sleep, but I can’t because I am still wired from the tension in the final part of this book. While I can’t say that this was a pleasure to read, I can say that this was a damned good read and I am glad I didn’t miss out on it.

😍😍😍😍 (4.35 stars)

THE AUTHOR: Sibel Hodge is the author of the #1 Bestsellers Look Behind You, Untouchable, and Duplicity. Her books have sold over one million copies and are international bestsellers in the UK, USA, Australia, France, Canada and Germany. She writes in an eclectic mix of genres, and is a passionate human and animal rights advocate.

Her work has been nominated and shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the Harry Bowling Prize, the Yeovil Literary Prize, the Chapter One Promotions Novel Competition, The Romance Reviews’ prize for Best Novel with Romantic Elements and Indie Book Bargains’ Best Indie Book of 2012 in two categories. She was the winner of Best Children’s Book in the 2013 eFestival of Words; nominated for the 2015 BigAl’s Books and Pals Young Adult Readers’ Choice Award; winner of the Crime, Thrillers & Mystery Book from a Series Award in the SpaSpa Book Awards 2013; winner of the Readers’ Favorite Young Adult (Coming of Age) Honorable award in 2015; a New Adult finalist in the Oklahoma Romance Writers of America’s International Digital Awards 2015, and 2017 International Thriller Writers Award finalist for Best E-book Original Novel. Her novella Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave has been listed as one of the top forty books about human rights by Accredited Online Colleges. (

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to Amazon Publishing UK, Thomas and Mercer via Netgalley for providing a digital ARC of Into the Darkness by Sibel Hodge for review. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own personal opinions.

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