The Killing Habit by Mark Billingham

The Killing Habit by Mark Billingham
The Killing Habit: A Tom Thorne Novel 

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EXCERPT: Tanner could only blink for a few seconds. The surge of adrenaline left her dry mouthed and dizzy as she wrestled with the picture, willing it to make sense. She knew exactly who he was, of course, but he should not have been here.

‘What are you —?’

Then she saw what was in the man’s hand and the moment of clarity punched through the roaring in her ears. Left only terror. She understood how stupid she had been – they had all been.

ABOUT THIS BOOK: From “one of the most consistently entertaining, insightful crime writers working today” (Gillian Flynn), The Killing Habit again brings together favorite wild-card detective Tom Thorne and straight-laced DI Nicola Tanner on a pair of lethally high-stakes cases.

While DI Nicola Tanner investigates the deadly spread of a dangerous new drug, Tom Thorne is handed a case that he doesn’t take too seriously, until a spate of animal killings points to the work of a serial killer. When the two cases come together in a way that neither could have foreseen, both Thorne and Tanner must risk everything to catch two very different killers.

MY THOUGHTS: Although I don’t like reading about either drugs or animal killings, and this book contains both (nothing graphic!), Billingham has managed to produce yet another 4.5-star read for me. 15 books into the D I Tom Thorne series, and my respect for both the series and the author continues to grow. It is no mean feat to continue to grow the characters and come up with fresh and interesting plots after so many books.

The series of cat killings mentioned in this book is based on a real and disturbing case that, at the time Billingham wrote The Killing Habit, remained unsolved. I sincerely hope that they have, by now, caught this maniac. If not, then the thought of what may lay ahead is chilling. . .

And this premise, that people who harm animals will go on to harm people, is the basis for Billingham’s The Killing Habit. But, as is usual with Billingham’s plots, nothing is quite that straight forward. There are plenty of loops, diversions, twists and turns to keep the thriller aficionado turning the pages, nicely balanced with snapshots of Thorne’s and Tanner’s private lives.

A very satisfying read, and I am already eagerly anticipating the next book in the series.

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