Friday Favorite – Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons

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Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons
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EXCERPT: Didi wanted to speak but found she was made speechless by her heart ramming itself against her chest. She didn’t need to turn around. She recognized his voice. It was the manin the jacket. She felt slightly nauseated.

‘Did you hear me, ma’am?’ the voice said. ‘You shouldn’t be carrying those heavy bags. It’s not good for the baby.’

Didi turned around.

The man was standing in front of her, hands in his jacket pockets. The heat index was up to 120 and he was wearing a jacket over his white shirt. The incongruity of the jacket hadn’t registered in the cool mall, but now it seemed distinctly out of place.

She stared directly at him without averting her gaze. His upturned nose made him look petulant, as if he’d been waiting for a bus too long. His mouth was upturned too, in a semblance of a smile. It looked as if he was grimacing, stretching his thin lips upward, toward eyes that weren’t smiling. They were blue and they were cold, and she saw that they lacked something essential. The expression in the eyes, like the jacket, did not belong in a mall parking lot on a hot summer day.

Didi held onto the bags as she and the man stared at each other. She tried to focus, but all she saw was dark spots instead of his face. Wait, wait, she said to herself, narrowing her mental vision. Think! It’s not so bad. Maybe he is really concerned about the bags. Remember? He said the same thing to me in the mall.

Wait a second. Who said he’d followed her? Maybe he hadn’t followed her. Maybe his own car was parked here and he was on his way home.

Didi had been silent too long. She tried to swallow, but her mouth was too dry and her heart was beating too fast.

‘You don’t need to help me. My car is right . . .’ She stopped, already regretting what she had been about to say. Take it back, fool, take it back. Why would she want him to know they were in front of her car?

The man said “What I ‘d like to do is help you to my car.’

Didi lost her breath and opened her mouth.

‘I’d rather not do that,’ she said, her voice breaking. ‘I’m meeting my husband for lunch.’ Her knees began to shake. To steady herself, she leaned against the minivan.

The man stretched his lips sideways, exposing his teeth. ‘I think he’ll be eating alone today,’ he said.

THE BLURB: One pregnant woman.
One deranged man.
Eleven hours of hell.

Abducted from a shopping mall in Dallas, Didi Wood, in her ninth month of pregnancy, is taken on the most dangerous, horrifying ride of her life, as a madman drives her across Texas. While her husband and the FBI try furiously to track them down, they can only hope to find Didi — and her unborn child — alive.

MY THOUGHTS: I love this book.
The sun beats down on the parking lot of a Texas shopping mall.
Heavily pregnant and not at all comfortable in the relentless heat, Didi Wood is moving through her rgular routine of shopping before leaving to meet her husband for lunch.
And then she is kidnapped and bundled into a car by a desperate young man.
Who is he?
What does he want?
Where are they going?
This book is taut and gripping.
It is the book by which I measure all others in this genre.
The story telling alternates between Didi herself trapped by a sometimes violent but always unpredictable kidnapper, and her husband Rich with Scott, the FBI agent assigned to catch the kidnapper.
I re-read this book every few years.
Neither the magic nor the suspense ever dims.

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